Readers' Feedback

“Very timely read! Thank you, Sylvia, for your insights!” —Barb Peoples

“A must-read for parents and girls’ leaders who want to protect daughters and girls from being [exploited or] trafficked.” —Fannie Mae Hall

“Your heart for those exploited children demonstrates God’s touch on your life. As a mother fights for and protects her children, your words of advocacy show God’s care and love. Thanks for Doors of Hope.” —Dale and Patti Coad

Doors of Hope sounds the alarm about human trafficking [and exploitation], the reality of the situation, and lays out the case for concern and action.” —Kristin Wilkins

“A very thorough book, well-written and organized, with clear movement for follow up. A subject that needs light shining brightly on what has been in the dark too long.”  —Pam Chicou

“Since we can’t take our girls back in time to a culture of more solid moral values, we need to reflect on how today’s culture challenges our girls. This book educates, arms, and supports girls, using God’s standards, not the current short-sighted “only live once, whatever feels right” way of living. Doors of Hope is a blessing that empowers and encourages. The resources cited are substantial. Before reading this book, we had no idea of the size and scope of exploitation and just how vulnerable our precious girls could be. We have been giving copies of this book to our friends and extended family. Thank you, Sylvia. —Brent and Jennifer Esch

“Your thoughts and presentation are quite cogent. Your stats and definitions brought clarity and expressed the importance of the subject. It holds one’s attention! The Plans for Action make it easy for a leader/facilitator to use.”—Prudy Robertson

“What a marvelous undertaking to explain the problem of [exploitation and] trafficking. You not only discuss the problem but also you go on to offer solutions. I pray you’ve received positive feedback and the book is being read by those in a position to do something positive. May God continue to bless you in all your endeavors for Him.” —Pam Stephens

Sylvia L Rivera