Birth of Vision & Books for Empowerment

My heart was broken as I was confronted with the dehumanizing, despicable abuse and exploitation of girls and young women in every community worldwide. My body convulsed with grief and anger. In those moments I knew that I was being called to bring light into the darkness for the many girls and teens who could easily become trapped during their search for genuine, secure, and satisfying love.

 I received an urgent call to sound the warning, especially in these times when what seems normal and safe is actually quite risky. Predators lurk in schools, malls, and other seemingly innocent places with “friendly and caring” traps.

My books and workshops include some real life experiences of girls and teens who were looking for love, were trapped and exploited, and thankfully survived to warn others.

In my book Doors of Hope, parents, teachers, and leaders are equipped to encourage girls and teens to make changes to protect themselves as they meet young men.

Doors to Close, Doors to Open is for girls and teens to read and reflect on changes they may need to make to protect themselves. Or, that book may be explored in small groups of girls with equipped leaders, using the Leader’s Guide, with the goal of protection through education.


Sylvia L Rivera