Dinner with Critics and Skeptics

Imagine you’ve been invited to dinner where the others around the table are known for criticizing your every move. Would you find an excuse to leave? Would you stay and seek polite conversation, listening more than talking to avoid making waves? Those sound like reasonable, wise, normal options.

Jesus faced a similar situation, but His response sets a higher standard for us who are His followers (Luke 14:1-14). Jesus was being critically observed by the Pharisees and legal experts at the dinner. He chose to speak without restraint. Jesus challenged them about their not healing on the Sabbath, about the need to humble themselves, and about who should be invited to dinners. He was bold without apology. Jesus didn’t worry Himself about being politically correct, compromising, pleasing, or even “polite”.

What a big challenge to us as we are called to follow Jesus! Am I willing to speak Truth boldly without hesitation, apology, political correctness, compromising, people-pleasing, and politely swallowing what needs to be said? Are you? To do so, we must choose to surrender our pride, fears, and cultural norms to Jesus.

Sylvia L Rivera