“I hope to positively influence the lives of teens and their parents.” My statement can be interpreted in two ways. It could be the emotion of wishful thinking, or it may be a confident expectation based on solid evidence. Which kind of hope would you choose while being tossed about on a choppy sea? I choose to hang onto the hope that is confident expectation, not just a longing.

But how is certainty possible? What if my hope were to be based on the support of someone who is wise, faithful, and powerful, who promises to enable me? That clearly would move me from wishful thinking to great confidence.

My hope is an Anchor. My assurance is the all-powerful Creator, who has given me the assignment of writing and speaking to help prevent abuse and exploitation of girls and teens. I know God’s solid character. I have experienced His faithfulness to me in life’s storms. I wrote about that in my book What I Have Seen and Heard.

God’s ways and timing may contrast from my expectations, but the goal will be accomplished by and through Jesus.

Join me in actively sharing the Anchor of hope with others daily!

Sylvia L Rivera