Power of One

Overwhelming global suffering. Compassionate and empathetic people ache. Long to make a difference.

How can you and I do that?

That was my question in 2014. It continues to perplex me. I long for young women to be protected from, rescued out of, and helped to recover from sexual abuse and exploitation.

I’ve followed God’s lead to author books aimed at those goals. I’ve also been a member of a local anti-trafficking ministry team. I’m beginning to mentor women in recovery homes. Still, it feels inadequate.

Hope arises from one: One step. One person reaching one person. One dollar and one bundle of ones. One daily prayer. One conversation. One blog. One new ministry group... One changed life at a time… One day at a time. (Mt. 6:34)

The unique power of one fully realized when plugged into the One who is never overwhelmed and is omnipotent.

Sylvia L Rivera