Hope: Essential for Abundant Life

 We need hope as we face

everyday frustrations, great disappointments,

life-threatening diagnoses and disasters,

a broken relationship, a job loss,

cancers, fires, and violence,

the risks our children, grandchildren, nieces & nephews face daily in this world.

In each situation, we have a choice:

to be overwhelmed, throw up our hands, and weep,

OR, after a normal emotional reaction, we can choose to believe that there is a solution and a hope.

Often hope comes from knowing, or finding out,

what needs to be done.

What’s more, believers have the Best of all Hope:

Jesus Christ, who is all-wise and all-powerful, and

for whom nothing is impossible!

And He walks with us through our challenging situations!

We can live an abundant life filled with hope.

Let’s pursue the hope that comes from knowing what needs to be done

and look to the peace-giving hope in Jesus Christ.    

The books on this website are full of hope for you!

Sylvia L Rivera