Impossible is Possible!

     A regular annual checkup uncovered kidney trouble. As prescribed, three months later my doctor retested my blood; she also ordered a CAT scan, which showed visible damage to my left kidney. She let me know that I had kidney disease and sent me to a kidney specialist, who in turn, sent me to an endocrinologist to uncover the specific cause for this disease in me. No cause was ever diagnosed. The kidney specialist followed up with quarterly blood draws to check progress of the disease.


      My family, friends, and church joined me in praying for healing. The medical truth is that kidney disease cannot be cured, only treated. We kept praying for two years until I went for an annual physical exam and was shocked and elated to receive a call from the doctor’s office that my kidneys were functioning within normal range. Those same results have continued for years!


      Now, when I have an appointment with a new doctor or need to update my records, they ask various questions about my health history. I explain that I had kidney disease for two years, but I don’t have it anymore, based on annual blood tests, thanks to God.


     Invariably, they respond, “That’s impossible. You likely never had it.”


     My medical records clearly show the history, but they avert their eyes from reality since I have no symptoms nor irregular blood tests now. I praise Jesus, my Healer.


     Medically, it was impossible. With God, nothing is impossible. That’s cause for hope in the most hopeless of situations! Hang in there. Don’t give up.


     Jesus is with us always. He promised that after He rose from the grave and before He ascended back to heaven. He died on the Cross not only to pay the penalty for our disobedience but also for our healing—here and in heaven!

Sylvia L Rivera